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We have the determination and drive to get the results you deserve.  The first and last name for the injured delivers the big results of a large firm, with the personal attention of a small one.

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Trusted Personal Injury Attorney In Goshen, NY

Welcome to the homepage of Personal Injury Attorney Patrick S. Owen. We understand that finding a professional and experienced attorney can make all the difference in a client's case, and we want to help. Our law firm covers everything in a range of incidents, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction-related accidents and accidents due to poor road design or maintenance, and we will work to give your case appropriate attention and time.

With over 15 years of experience, Patrick Owen has a proven record of getting the results you want. Our law firm prides itself on personalized representation, so we can guarantee that your case will get the time and attention it deserves. We are known for our attention to detail and diligence on complex cases. We accept cases in and around Orange County, Sullivan County, and New York City and accept referrals from other lawyers. Our law firm also has a proven track record, at times being able to garner millions of dollars in settlement money for individual clients.

If you have been in an auto accident or have suffered wrongfully, our law firm will work hard to get you the money you are owed. Many firms can help to get clients' money from minor accidents, but we have the expertise to win you maximum compensation for your suffering. Our firm also covers catastrophic injuries, for those who have suffered greatly due to the negligence of others or corporations. A catastrophic injury, which could include permanent damage at birth, spinal cord injuries, coma, or death, is the kind of case that requires an experienced and sensitive litigator, and few firms can offer this the way that our seasoned team can.

If you believe you have suffered wrongfully, don't hesitate to contact Personal Injury Attorney Patrick S. Owen. We are known for being detail-oriented and tenacious, and we will go the extra mile to continue working your case. You deserve compensation for your suffering, and we will fight for your rights.

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Pat Owen is the personal injury attorney other lawyers, doctors and judges choose to represent them and their families in various personal injury cases ranging from wrongful death, automobile, motorcycle, slip and falls, as well as defective and dangerous products and roadways.
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